Rich Natural Chocolate

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Muscle Goat Protein

Goat: The Superior Source for Protein

Naturally Elevated levels of Glutathione and L-Arginine
Tastes great in water, all forms of milk and juice
Safe for Children-Adults-Seniors
A Delicious Snack or Meal Replacement

Grass Fed, Pestiside Free, Non-GMO, No Antobiotics

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Muscle Goat - Rich Natural Chocolate

Muscle Goat-Rich Natual Chocolate brings you the best of both plant and animal protein, with the taste of "Real Chocolate" It contains the complete spectrum of amino acids found in both non-GMO pea protein and wholesome goat whey protein including all essential amino acids as well as branch chain amino acids. Just one delicious serving of Rich Natural  Chocolate Protein contains 52% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein.

**With a whopping 26 Grams of Protein per serving!!!
Goat Whey Protein, Non-GMO Pea Protein, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Stevia Leaf and Cinnamon

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