Mom's Butter

The cleanest and tastiest butter on the planet!

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This absolutely amazing butter comes from Goats raised on the purest pastures, and no cows on the property and what is to be the only goats that actually drink apple cider vinegar in their water every day.  I present to you:  Mom's Butter

Use for cooking, as a spread, add to soups, sauces, smoothies, hot and cold coffees/teas/juices, baked goods, etc.

All made through Goat's Milk - Nothing ever added!

With fresh Goat Milk harvested from Grass-Fed (No Pesticides Ever!) Goats.  The cream from the goat milk is churned into butter and then ever so gently simmered for several hours.  While the small batches simmer, the goat milk/goat milk solids, protein and lactose sink to the bottom of the steam-fired kettle leaving behind the most pure butter oil on the planet!

This is a real, natural (only one single ingredient) food product that may exhibit slight color, taste and density varies from batch to batch.

Plus...Mom says there will no shipping charged on her product!

Stock up for the Holidays...order your Mom's Butter today!

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“I really enjoy this goat butter. It tastes great and I feel good knowing that it is completely natural with no hormones or any harmful stuff in it.”

Felice Mehaber - Age 50, Hollywood, FL

“Thank you for this wonderful Mom's Butter!  If you read the label, you will see how nutritious and very pure the ingredients are.  Unlike other butters, which have chemicals and go bad quickly.  This butter is very tasty...I cannot say enough about it!”

Anna Swan, Registered Nurse, Albuquerque, NM